The soft guardrails of democracy are no longer strong enough to stop our slow crawl toward autocracy.

When I started writing this early in the week, it was my intent to describe how Trump’s tenure as president would inevitably have consequences on our system of government, even long after his…

Why advocates should make the most of a Biden presidency

Movement Politics

In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote, “As an organizer I start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be. …

How quickly we’ve forgotten the lessons of 2016

Photo credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

In the span of just a week, Trump’s dealings with Ukraine have consumed our entire political discourse, and we’re bound to spend weeks if not months hearing reporters and members of Congress discuss the minute-by-minute exchanges between…

The Senate has outgrown its purpose. It’s time to bring it into the People’s House.

It isn’t news to anyone that Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite. And he doesn’t care if you think so, because he’s still standing and still winning.

But his recent remarks at a Chamber of Commerce…

How we build a media ecosystem that strengthens our democracy — rather than divides it from within.

I. The Fourth Estate

In 1945, the Supreme Court heard a case claiming that the Associated Press had violated antitrust laws by prohibiting its member newspapers from sharing stories with nonmembers. Writing for the majority, Chief Justice…

How the Democratic Party Failed, and How We Come Back

I. Ground Zero

In the months after Donald Trump’s stunning victory to become the President of the United States, the Democratic Party establishment seemed to take a variety of self assured positions as to why she lost. For the Clintons’…

Mark Ptak

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